Supersummit is the flagship event for Certified Solution Providers of the PSNI Global Alliance. Hear from world-renowned speakers, industry pioneer panelists, plus take a look at Preferred Vendor Partner Technology within our virtual exhibitor hall.

At this years summit PSNI Global Alliance prepares you for the future of the industry, global deployment, financial outlooks and marketing trends.


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Dan Heath

Global Business
Advisor and Author

David Horsager

Trust Edge Leadership Institute

John Brandt

The MPI Group
CEO and Founder

Julian Treasure

The Sound Agency

Andrew Busch




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9:00:00 AM

Welcome: From PSNI Global Alliance

9:10:00 AM

Julian Treasure: Sound Affects

The human voice is the instrument we all play. The most powerful one in the world. It can for from spurring on a a war to saying, “I love you.” But when many people have the experience that when they speak, people don’t listen to them. Why is that? How can we speak powerfully to make change in the world? There are a number of habits we need to move away from – they are the seven deadly sins of speaking and they are habits we can all fall into.

In Julian’s session:

  • Learn the four foundations of effective speaking;
  • Understand how to avoid the seven deadly sins of speaking;
  • Discover the secrets of powerful public speaking
10:15:00 AM

Global PVP Interview: Legrand AV – Chief, Da-Lite, Middle Atlantic, Vaddio, C2G and Luxul

10:25:00 AM

Exhibit Hall Exploration // Break

10:40:00 AM

David Horsager: Leading with Trust

Trust is the fastest way to increasing influence, impact and business results—yet many leaders are frustrated when their teams avoid accountability, stop push forward priorities or refuse to stay engaged. From firsthand experience working with global leaders around the world, David shows leaders hot to increase engagement and earn the trust of those you lead.

The session will focus on the following:

  • The 6 steps to engaging and motivating your team
  • Hot to generate instant momentum through the 90-day Quick Plan
  • How to align your team, bread down silos and focus on push forward priorities.
11:40:00 AM

Global PVP Interviews: Biamp, NETGEAR, SYNNEX

12:00:00 PM

Services in a Post-Pandemic World

Today, AVaaS can be an important tool as COVID19 is forcing companies to reconstruct how they work and collaborate. Physical spaces are rapidly evolving to support collaboration rather than individual work and the financial and service models that AVaaS supports allow for collaboration technology to be implemented at greater scale without taking on the complexities of servicing the technology.

In this panel, hear from PSNI CSPs as they discuss:

  • What does service look like in a post-pandemic world for your company?
  • What are the most significant trends and opportunities in “services” that AV/IT/UC companies should consider going forward?
  • Examples of the “stickiness” you have achieved with an end-user by having a Help Desk or NOC offering?
  • What KPIs are you looking closely at within the services business right now?
  • How does the sales team participate in the managed services model?
  • And more

Panelists Include:

  • Faye Bennett, Facilitator
  • Toby Wise, Snelling Business Systems, UK
  • Jean Pierre Overbeek, BIS | Econocom, The Netherlands
  • Jeremy Elsesser, Level 3 AV, United States
  • Diego Perez, Newtech Solutions Multimedia, Argentina
1:00:00 PM

Global PVP Interviews: BrightSign, Belden, Winsted

1:15:00 PM

Exhibit Hall Exploration // Break

2:15:00 PM

DAN HEATH: Upstream: The Quest to Solve Problems Before They Happen

So often in our organizations and communities, we fall into a cycle of reaction. A problem happens, and we respond. We fight fires. We contend with emergencies. Researchers call this "tunneling": We don't see the big picture, and we don't think about the future, we just keep pushing forward from one crisis to the next. What if instead we could shift our energies upstream -- uncovering and addressing the source of those problems? In this talk, Heath will reveal how some leaders have learned to spot problems in advance: There's a school district that can predict which students will drop out -- 4 years before graduation. There's an internet service company that can predict which customers are likely to cancel their subscriptions -- as early as two weeks after they sign up! When we shift from downstream response to upstream planning, it can cause miracles: One company eliminated 25 million customer support calls by asking, "How can we make sure our customers never need to call us?" And one nation in Europe has almost eliminated teenage substance abuse by asking, "How can we create a teenage culture that offers such compelling sober activities that teens simply don't feel like drinking or doing drugs?"

In this featured keynote, you’ll:

  • Learn the three forces that push us downstream and how to adapt.
  • How to use the powerful levers to start preventing problems before they happen.
  • How to avoid being in a cycle of reactive behaviors.
3:15:00 PM

Global PVP Interviews: Williams AV, Samsung, Shure

3:30:00 PM

John Brandt: Customer Value Innovation

Where is the hidden value in your business today – and where will it migrate in the next 10 years?

In this session, Brandt tackles this essential business question from several complementary angles:

  • Brand: What does your brand really mean?
  • Customers: What do they really want?
  • Innovation: How do you create value beyond your product or service?
  • Future: Where will customer seek new value in 10 years?
  • Commoditization: How do you avoid pressures to commoditize your offering?
 4:30:00 PM

Global PVP Interviews: Kramer, Anixter, Christie

4:45:00 PM


5:00:00 PM

North America PVP Interviews: Barco, Scansource, Draper

5:15:00 PM

Andrew Busch: The Future Economy: Opportunities For Growth

The world is going to see more economic change in the next 5 years than we have seen in the last 100 years. 2021 will be transformational as trends super-charged by the pandemic fully exert themselves on the economy. AI, robots, Zoom, ESG and bitcoin are just a few of the extraordinary tools being leveraged right now to help business overcome, adapt and thrive. Are you aligning yourself for what will occur? As a futurist and economist, Andy dives deep into exploring how innovation, policy changes and societal shifts drive opportunities for clients. Are you thinking about how to run your business better or how you can grow it faster? How are you challenging yourself with new ideas, new concepts, new innovation? Can you understand the economic forces driving change to lead you in transforming your business and adapting your strategy to take control of the future?

In this session you’ll hear about:

  • Updates on virus and a Biden administration’s new policies
  • Key trends supercharged by the virus
  • Opportunities for growth
5:15:00 PM

Julian Treasure: Sound Affects

Transform your relationship with sound. Most of sound around us is accidental, and unpleasant. We stand on street corners shouting over noise and pretending it doesn’t exist. This habit of suppressing sound has meant our relationship with sound has become largely unconsciousness. There are four major ways sound is affecting you at all time, in this session well raise them in your consciousness today.

This session will focus on:

  • The four powerful effects of sound on all human beings
  • A discovery of the four steps to good sound in any space
  • And exploring the skill of conscious listening and take away powerful exercises to improve listening in all situations
6:15:00 PM

North America PVP Interviews: Bosch, BTX

6:25:00 PM

Event Wrap Up: PSNI Global Alliance Program Update








How many people can register?

Unlimited! We miss you. The best thing virtual has offered is the opportunity to bring every partner from across the globe together.

Who Should Attend?

We encourage the team approach. Sales, marketing, integration, service, finance and operations managers should be alongside their owners and principals.  Together with our teams, we bring together our global stakeholder partners as well as our North American and Global Preferred Vendor Partners (PVPs.)

What is the cost?

There is no fee to attend this year’s event. Yet another reason to involve your entire team this year – we promise there’s something for everyone.

What if I can’t make a session?

You’ll be able to access the content for up to 30 days after the event! Collaboration however takes place live so be sure to make as many sessions as you can in order to collaborate with your fellow CSPs and PVPs!

Anything else I should know?

We’re excited to bring you a virtual trade show experience to this year’s Supersummit in cooperation with our Preferred Vendor Partners. Explore new products, connect with their contacts in real time and/or schedule live meetings with them during the event.